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Yes it's True that Camile and I are going to the Philippines. Everyone else couldn't make it or had other plans. We're headed there on October 16 to sing with Piolo Pascual, Erik Santos, and "other Manila-based artists." The concert will be held in Manila of course. I'm really excited because I heard that this concert will be almost twice as big as the on in the U.S. is.

It's amazing what medicine can do for you in such short notice. My voice has improved pretty much 95%. I can't do the really high notes but I'm almost there. Poor Amy got sick though. She couldn't do the "Crazy In Love" so I had to take her solo. It was only for that night though so it's not like I'm a meanie and stole it from her. Just a cover-up. She understood completly though. =)

Today is Camiles birthday!! She's 19! Wooo hoo. We're going to sing happy birthday to her tomorrow during the show. We made her a cake and had some nice dinner. mmmm. I got her a necklace and a matching bracelet. She also got a few more cool things from everyone else. Speaking of birthdays, we have a few more coming up. Leah LaBelles birthday is on the 8th, Matt Rogers is on the 16th, and Jennys is on the 12th. Rubens birthday is also the 12th too. AHhhhh so much to do!

Another true thing. Simon Fuller called me about it and showed me this article in a magazine about me. It was 10:36 AM the other day and I was running late for rehearsals. So I tried to hide from one photographer then somebody said, 'Pinay Idol.' Now that's cool!" Hahaha I didn't think anyone would actually use that. Anyways, I love having all this attention but I get kinda scared sometimes with the cameras following me. I'm only 5'2 and a small girl so I don't know how I could be spotted so easily. -laughs- Am I the only one who gets a little freaked out when photographers find you??

We're in New York right now. It's awesome. I love the weather we're having. The air is perfect and the leaves are just starting to turn colors. It's absolutly gorgeous. Amy's with her boyfriend now and LaToya is on the phone with her husband. Diana is having an interview right now, and Fantasia is making a few lists for Zion. Zion is coming on the tour with us for a week. She's adorable. It's always fun to have babies around. Except after a long night and they cry at 2 a.m. But Zion is 3 so she probably won't cry the whole night. Let's see, ummm Camile is snoring away as usual. Poor girl, everyone knows she snores so loud because of us and Seacrests show. -laughs- And Jenny is attempting to sleep. She just got off the phone. Apparently her grandma isn't doing too well. Poor girl. John is on the other computer chatting with his girlfriend Kelly and they're probably going on and on about how much they miss eachother. *gags* He's also being a little pile right now and throwing little flakes of paper into my hair. JERK!!! Jon Petah is playing his guitar right now. I'm trying to get him to play some John Mayer but he won't because he doesn't love me that much *cries* and last but not least Mr. George would be doing a phone interview now. He has a few more meetings with a record company so we're praying he gets one!! He's the best!

Well I gotta run. Talk to you all later!
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