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OKAY x 3 million

First off, tomorrow we'll be in Chicago promoting the tour, signing autographs, taking pictures, and what not. I love promoting, really I do. I like meeting my fans because it gives me a boost like nothing. I feel famous when I met people who tell me they love me and voted for me a million times. That feeling is right up there when you walk off stage having a great performance and the crowd gives you the best applause. I feel so touched! -blushes-

Next, I know it's 2 days early but still. Me and the girls picked up something special for Amy. 

  < because you'd look hotter with it on stage!! who doesn't love chocolate after a hard day of work??

  < to keep you busy on the bus! we're gonna get you some sunlight in Hawaii!!!


hope you enjoy!        TRIAS...OUT!

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