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Please remember, I am no ordinary teenager.

Tour is absolutly fabulous! Luckly, everyone's voice is still cooperating (knock on wood) and everyone is getting along. (knock on wood again!) So the Idol update, -laughs- I feel so weird saying I'm an idol finalist because it's so hard to believe that I've made it so far. Amy has a birthday coming up in just 3 days! So that means, go give her a hug and tell her how much you adore her, because she loves it when you worship her. -laughs- I can't wait though! I'm so excited to be with her and everyone else because it seems like we're all family. I know I see everyone every single day, but this day and John Stevens birthday (July 28th) are going to be a blast. I'm really surprised Amy hasn't lost her voice yet. She talks on the phone whenever she can to Chris. Chris seems like a really nice guy. Now I know they say nothing is going on with eachother, and blah blah blah, but it's obvious that they care about eachother more than friends. They both won't admit it. Amy blushes whenever she mentions him and from the very few times I talked to Chris he just can't take his eyes off of her. In a good way, that is. He obviously thinks she's something special. I know I'm only 17, but I can tell when romance is in the air. After all I'm not an ordinary 17 year old. Also, I'm not the only one who notices these things. I over heard Jenn talking to Fantasia and she asked if something was up. (By the way, the buses are hard to block out sounds so I couldn't help it if my little ears were open. hehe)

Anyways, it's wayyyy past my bedtime. I'm really lacking sleep. -laughs-
Have a nice night,
<3 Jassy
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