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Surprise Surprise Surprise!!!

So I get a call around 3ish on Monday. It was Simon Fuller, and I thought he might just be calling to say hello but no. Simple calls from American Idol is never the case. It turns out we had to leave earlier than expected, which they knew all along but wanted to surprise us.  We were going on vacation to this resort called "Casablanca Resort." Which is in Mesquite, Nevada. (yes I thought it was Mosquito, Nevada too, so don't feel bad.) I got to the studio around 3 P.M. yesterday only to get a wonderful greeting from Diana, who I swear to God was going to jump on my dads car. -laughs- I got out and of course my wonderful friends all helped me get all [EIGHT] suitcases out. Which was so sweet because my dad was so happy he didn't have to unload them all again.

On the way to the hotel I mostly watched movies. I watched my absolute favorite movie of all times, "The Butterfly Effect." John bought it for me, I thought that was so sweet of him. -gives him a kissy face!!- love ya John! It's so good that he, Diana, Camile, and I are such good friends and are the same age. But after the butterfly effect, Amy and I snacked on Teddy Grahms watching her favorite movie You've Got Mail. But even though it was her favorite movie she didn't really pay attention to it. She just read some book of hers. -laughs- Ohhh well.  So we get to the hotel 5 hours later and check in. After getting our rooms, Diana and I went downstairs to beat JPL and John at some DDR. Because Diana is the Goddess of that game. Turns out we  won! IN YOUR FACE STEVENS AND LEWIS!! We all have dinner and then us "minors" (as miss Adams calls us) send our parentals away to leave us alone. Well we were told to finish at least one of our essays by tonight, but being in the Vegas area we couldn't help but want fun. So I hear John knock on mine and Camiles room with Diana and then we go out and waste more time on video games. What a great night.

Anyways, there are 2 busses for us. I'm with the lovely Amy Adams, the fabulous La Toya London, Diva Diana, and the Queen Fantasia! We are very crazy girls. Not to mention Fantasia's a little cranky. But I guess I would to if my 2 year old daughter was up all night and then you had to leave her the next day. Amy and I were a little rebelious today. We were bored so Amy took a pillow and put it on Fantasia who thought she'd be out of everyones way if she slept on the top bunk. She thought wrong. So she jumps up and jumped on us. Dang that girl has a good punch -laughs and winks- Sorry Tasia. You're just so fun to get!!!!

I was a good pal today. I gave George Huff my favorite cherry fruit snacks because I love him so much and he craved them. I didn't have time to open the box and give him 2 things so I just handed him the box and figured 5 hours later I'll take them back. NOPE. George and Camile ate them all. -frowns- But at least George said he'd go get me some tonight after the show. I'm going with him because it's soo much fun to go grocery shopping with him. It's amazing how he's been on his own for 4 years now. He is a bad shopper.

So now I'm here, in Salt Lake City, UT. We just got here about an hour or 2 ago. The Delta Center is sooo cool. There are soo many doors backstage it's hard to know where you're going. I have my hair & make up done, but I'm sure it will be fixed 300 more times before we go on stage. La Toya just got done with her sound check and Amy and I are updating our LJ because we are big dorks! -winks- Well it's almost showtime and we have to reherse a few medleys on this stage! I can see outside this window and fans are already lined up! Oh God this is the best feeling in the world -BIG SMILE-


take care,
LOVE jasmine

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