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Aloha cuz,

Okay Jas, keep your cool for 3 more days! -big smile- Amy  and I have strict orders to be taking pictures of all the good stuff that's happening for Simon. I think he just wants to get us back for having to listen to all our bad performances. -laughs- Speaking of the "old chap," I talked to him today. He seems to be doing fine which all the other idols were glad to hear. It's very different to be on stage and not seeing him, Paula, or Randy there. Don't get me wrong, I'm not having a problem with that. -winks-

Yes so the rumors are true. I was offered a recording deal by a small recording company. I can't say I gave an answer yet, because I'm still looking into my other options. Gotta keep every door open, ya know.  

Anywho, I talked to Pierre, also known as the "idiot." -winks- He's such a funny guy, very nice too. I gave him an idea to ask William Hung to do a duet with him, but he said that'd be selfish of him because he'd be holding Will back because he has a solo career. How thoughtful. -laughs-

Amy Adams! I've been trying to catch you down all day today during rehersals. But you seem to just disappear after we're done. I hope everything is going okay, and is getting better. We're all really worried about you deary.

and Oh get this! I talked to my good old buddy Clay Aiken. So since he's having a "Not A Tour but we all know it really is" this summer too. Looks like we have competition guys!! Psh, as I told Aiken....

he's going down dawg!! but then again, he has scary Claymates....-shivers-

as the most popular saying is these days.....

Oh P.S. speaking of Ryan Seacrest, he finally joined AC so be nice and make him feel welcomed!

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