jasmine_darling (jasmine_darling) wrote,

Today I went to the vocal doctor. I thought I was just coming down with a sore throat, but no. It was worse...

Turns out I have a small nodule. Which is from abusing my voice. This explains my loss of vocal range. I can't do my soprano notes until I get better. I feel so alto right now. -sigh- My dad talked to Simon Fuller and asked him what to do about it. He said that he wants me to go to voice therapy everyday for the next 2 weeks and see what happens next. The doc told me that it can take up to 5 weeks for it to heal completly. But it could have been worse, if I had a bigger nodule it would have taken 6-12 weeks to heal. I was crying so hard but when I got back to the hotel, everyone got me Hawaiian food. It was so nice. I felt so loved!

I don't have a show today so I'm not allowed to talk and I have to wear my scarf 24/7. We're on our way to Worcester, MA for tomorrow. I want to get some lobster to eat up there. Yummm.

I need some calls to cheer me up. You know the digits.
</3 Jasmine
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