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Last night we were in Salem, NC. Today we are in Washington, DC. How exciting. Okay, being the unsupportive/busy/bad idol that I am I finally went out and bought Simons book yesterday. "I don't mean to be rude but..." is excellent. I love it and it's addicting. I actually finished a few minutes ago. I definatly recommend reading it. I found out some naughty things about Trenyce, Kimberley Caldwell, and Corey Clark. -shakes head and giggles-

Anywho, I'm worried about my voice. I'm starting to get a cough and my voice is starting to get a little weak. I hope that whatever I have isn't going to be serious. I'm going to the Vocal Doctor tomorrow to see what I can do about it and if I can prevent anything. Wish me luck.
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