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Hey ya'll.

I'm in New Orleans, LA for the day. It's George's hometown and last night it was basically his show. He had more signs than anyone obviously. I love the south. It's so beautiful and everyone's so nice and relaxed. The feeling reminds me of back home in Hawaii. Tomorrow we'll be in North Little Rock, AR. It will be our 18th show, so I guess that make us legal in the world of touring. WOW. I'm a nerd. -laughs-

Oh, I was just informed on some really cool news. I'm in this months BOP magazine! I'm also in this months Philippines Cosmopolitan Magazine. I have a full page on about representing Hawaii. Also in YES! Magazine. I can't believe this. THIS IS NUTS!!! :-D My mom went in got them for me because I was too embaressed to get it myself.  I didn't want to seem immodest or anything. EEEEKS! I'm so excited! -big smile!-

I think I'm going to go golfing today. George wants to show everyone around New Orleans tonight so that's going to be fun. We're going to see where he worked and hangs out. In fact, I'm kinda scared to see where all his crazy ideas came from. But I just really need to be outside. I can't be stuck in this bus for another day. MUST DO SOMETHING ACTIVE OUTSIDE!!!

Speaking of doing something active, I think I'm going to go walking. I need some time to myself. Don't get me wrong, I love everyone like no other, but I just need to be by myself for a while. Sharing your personal space with 9 other people gets kinda icky.  Talk to everyone later!

until then, I'm just your sweet smiling girl,

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